About US

Bana Food Industrial Company (Private Joint Stock),funded by Bana family, was incorporated in 2007 with the mission of producing various products for different food businesses.The business started by the establishment of a factory with the aim of processing pasteurized liquid egg , used as an input for a large number of companies in domestic and foreign food industries.The factory is located in Nazar Abad Industrial zone at the province of Alborz , the western province of the capital of Iran; with the 90 km distance from Tehran.Obtaining the bigger share of the competitive market in the national and international food industries, The company decided to develop not only the current capacity of factory but also the variety of its products.For that reason, a developing construction operations commenced on September 2007 and completed on March 2010 to increase the volume of the current product and of course that would be used for yielding new product lines in near future.Admittedly, the new buildings and product lines will consider the latest national and international standards in order to achieve a competitive advantage in food industries.


Considering export objectives and based on its high quality products, the company looks international markets and hopes to attend international markets and fulfill its development objectives and be accepted as a member to international associations like FDA and IEC .


We try and swear to use our best efforts and endeavors in fulfillment of our objectives in producing healthy and high quality food in collaboration with our colleagues and are committed to observe quality, protect environment for the future generations, mental and physical health of our colleagues, product health and control and toward our products test and control. We think about our children today and healthy and fortunate people in future for we all have better, more beautiful and pleasing future which we deserve.